Courage Carers

At points in their life, many children can find themselves in the role of a 'Young Carer'. Our school values and appreciates that role and endeavours to understand, support and celebrate such special children.


Anyone can suddenly find themselves in the role of a Young Carer. You may provide care for anyone: a parent, brother or sister, or other family member - but one thing is likely,,, you do more at home for others than most people your age. For example, you may help with:

  • Helping someone to get around.
  • Doing jobs in the house (cleaning, tidying, washing clothes etc).
  • Staying in a lot to be there for someone - because they need you.
  • Helping someone wash or shower.
  • Helping someone with their medication.
  • Helping to prepare meals.
  • And many other tasks…


At our school, we like to know if you feel that you are a Young Carer - so that we can help YOU when we can. This could include:

  • Helping with homework
  • Understanding why you might a little late or tired sometimes
  • Being a listening school - so you know you can ask for help or share your worries
  • Joining, or talking with our 'Courage Carers' group


If you feel that you might be a Young Carer, please talk to a teacher, the Courage Carers group, or complete the questionnaire below and pass it to an adult - it is the first step in Team Cheveley helping YOU!

Away from school, there are several other places to get help if you need it. Take a look at the information below...


Durham County Council - First Contact Service
03000 267 979


Family Action: 'The Bridge' - Young Carers Service
0191 383 2520

Below is a copy of our school policy about our work with children who are Young Carers.