British Values

The teaching of  British Values  is integral to our school's mission of ensuring our children are 'good people' and leave our school ready for life in Modern Britain. As such, our school  'House Point' system is aligned with the 4 key 'British Values' of: 

  • Individual Liberty 

  • Respect for the Rule of Law 

  • Respect and Tolerance of others, regardless of beliefs, faiths or lack of faith 

  • Democracy 

Our medium term plans (half termly) also highlight the focus areas of Fundamental British Values which are to be discussed and knowledge deepened. The teaching and promotion of Fundamental British Values, however, goes deeper than lessons - it embodies our school attitudes, ethos and the way in which we work and interact with children and families. We truly do embody our school motto of 'Play... Learn.. Grow.. Together.' 

We see that we have a duty to prepare our children for the modern world - so that they understand the social, cultural, faith and economic facets of everyday life in modern Britain. 


We have developed a progressive program which leads our children to think about society, culture, faith, democracy and a range of key British values. As a school, these values permeate throughout our curriculum, however, each year we hold a focussed 'Global Citizenship' week each October to highlight the importance of these key messages. 


Below is an outline the programme, with an overview of each yearly theme.