School Values & Ethos

We hold our aims close to our heart at Cheveley. They are important to us and embody our ethos and values – and we would hope they would be important to you, if you choose to be part of our family. 

We aim.. 

  • To create a happy, caring, positive atmosphere where the children feel confident, valued and motivated to learn. 

  • To provide the highest possible standard of education through a broad, balanced and enjoyable curriculum appropriate to each individual. 

  • For the children to learn how to learn, to think for themselves, use their imaginations and develop essential skills for learning and life. 

  • To continually improve the quality of teaching and learning and offer approaches and resources that promote inclusion and extend valuable learning experiences. 

  • Offer a high quality curriculum, differentiated to meet the needs of all our pupils, demonstrating a commitment to equality of opportunity for all. 

  • Celebrate the diversity which our pupils and their families bring to school life and the diversity around us in our region, country and world! 

  • To have high expectations of achievement and behaviour encouraged through developing positive attitudes towards school. 

  • To have good working relationships between all who work in the school and a strong partnership with the parents and the wider community. 

  • To create an indoor and outdoor environment that is attractive, lively, stimulating, and informative which supports the children’s learning. 

  • To promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, enabling individuals to make informed choices. 

  • To develop an empathy with people around us, with the world in which we live and an understanding and respect of individuals, groups and nations. 

  • Encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions to help them become contributing citizens of a well-ordered society.To encourage a sense of right and wrong and to be self-disciplined. 

  • To leave our school as ‘good people’.