Science Intent Statement

Be confident communicators

Be knowledgeable

Be a good citizen

Be adventurous

Be ambitious


At Cheveley Park, our aim is to foster a love of science and develop curiosity about the world through engaging activities, investigations and experiments. We aim to give our children a real ‘feel’ for the subject of science and become inspired and excited by the possibilities for exploration of the world. This is reflected in our choice of topics, the quality of the teaching from all staff and the child initiated learning that we also offer in this subject. Our intent is to provide children multiple occasions to develop their knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas and processes as well as building up the skills needed to carry out a range of investigations and communicate their ideas in a confident and fluent manner. Children will be encouraged to use the correct scientific terminology, understand how it relates to the world around them and be able to explain the meaning behind the vocabulary.


Our vision is to give children increasing opportunities to confidently explore and discover the world around them and to give them a deeper understanding of the world we live in. This will be achieved by following the National Curriculum and allowing the children the opportunity to ask and answer questions, therefore guiding their own learning. Through practical work, independent learning and collaborative tasks, we aim to engage, stimulate and enthuse children in each of the topics and provide opportunities for children’s curiosity and questions to increase and flourish. Children learn through hands-on experience, especially in Pre-School and Early Years but this is extended throughout the school in terms of experiments and investigations which are completed across the year groups. From Key Stage 1, children are encouraged to talk their ideas through (albeit in a simplified for at first) with their peers and listen to other ideas in order to gain different insights into their work. Once children can articulate their ideas, they are encouraged to write their findings and build up their writing in order to correctly write out a full experiment. Skills are built upon each year whilst also recapping the previous ones to consolidate knowledge and understanding as the children move through the Key Stage 2. The aim in Year 6 is for children to be equipped with enough knowledge and confidence to choose their own investigative lines of enquiry and decide which graph best illustrates their findings.


Our main intention therefore, is to equip children with the skills, language and confidence to become excited and appreciate science. Through our engaging curriculum, we will develop our aims and intentions to create firm foundations for the children to become life-long learners who can confidently explore the world around them today and in the future.