Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages (French)  Intent Statements

Be confident communicators

Be knowledgeable

Be a good citizen

Be adventurous

Be ambitious

MFL French At Cheveley Park Primary School, we embrace the learning of Modern Foreign Languages as a vital part of developing of curriculum drivers. We believe that engaging with learning of MFL provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for all children. At our school, children are able to develop both communication and literacy skills that lay the foundations for future language learning. We have developed a robust and diverse curriculum that allows children to develop linguistic confidence and competence as communicators in another language. They extend their knowledge of how other languages work whilst exploring how they may be similar or different to our English language. We believe that learning another language raises awareness of their multi-lingual, multi-cultural world. It provides ample opportunity to extend their understanding of global citizenship and adds an international dimension to our curriculum. The learning of a foreign language provides a medium for strong cross-curricular links and for reinforcement of knowledge, skills and understanding developed in other subjects. Our French curriculum provides a diverse range of opportunities to develop communication skills and knowledge of the world. It also provides ample opportunity to develop a deepened respect for our global community. We believe the learning of MFL will inspire children to be ambitious whilst developing their skills for speaking, listening, reading and writing in another language. We intend to foster and promote a curiosity for language in a highly creative, fun and engaging manner that allows all children to participate.