E-Safety is a key aspect of our duty to keep children safe - both inside and outside of school. Take a look at our e-safety policy within our 'Policies' section for further detail, but for parents and carers there is a wealth of online information which can be accessed in order to help to keep children safe online. 


Should school have concerns around safeguarding and e-safety, staff have dedicated safeguarding referral forms which are shared with the Designated Safeguarding Leads - who may contact parents and carers, or Durham 'First Contact Service'  in light of information shared. 


Below are some useful links which can provide useful and impartial information. 


NSPCC Online Safety Site 

Think You Know Site 

Vodafone - Digital Parenting 


Equally, our school facebook page and newsletters often promote e-safety and attempt to keep parents aware of current issues in this areas of safeguarding